QlikView 11.20 SR6 is now available here


This release includes the following major changes:


1. New languages - 3 new client languages have been added:

• Korean

• Traditional Chinese

• Turkish


2. Desktop Startpage and Excel wizard - New design of startpage and Excel wizard to help new users to get started in a better way:

• Easier access to Tutorials, Examples, Training and Getting started documents

• Re-designed Excel Import-Wizard to better assist new users importing their first data-file and creating a graph.


3. Better support for Windows hybrid devices - Now it is possible to switch between Touch mode and Mouse/Pen mode on Windows hybrid devices by just touching/clicking.


4. New Ajax repository design - The Ajax repository is re-designed to ensure better response times and make it easier to find objects when using the repository in large documents.


5. Added support for Windows Server 2012 R2


6. Supportability improvements

• Added alert email tags - New alert email tag options are included to provide new information with email notifications. These include links to the document log as well as snippets of information about the document error.

• Task performance summary - New task performance summary added that will provide information about the amount of RAM used, CPU and QVB elapsed time.


You can read more in the Release Notes available on the download site: http://global.qlikview.com




The Products Team