Reading Data from Sharepoint lists into QlikView

    This is something that's been asked a number of times, so I would like to share this small tip for everyone. interesting in reading data from Sharepoint lists into QlikView.

    There are a number of ways to extract data from Sharepoint.

    1. Using WebServices

    2. Using RPC-Calls

    3. Using Microsoft Access as a Data Bridge

    1. Using WebServices

    The most common way is using Webservice-calls. However constructing XML-request isn't all straight-forward and can't be done directly in QlikView.

    2. Using RPC-Calls

    An easier way is to use RPC-calls using owssvr.dll, like:


    listGUID and viewGUID must be in the format {XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX}.

    The listGUID can easily be found by navigating to the list in Sharepoint and go to List Settings. The listGUID will then show up in the address-field in your browser.

    If viewGUID is omitted, the default view will be retrieved. To find the viewGUID locate the list in Sharepoint and activate the view needed. Select View Soure in IE to see the source code. Search for view={ to locate the viewGUID.


    The response will be in XML, so when reading into QlikView make sure you select XML Files and Internet File. Add the correct crafted URL as described above. The data retrieved can be found in the node xml/data/row.

    Example URLs to be used in QlikView:



    For more info about owssvr.dll use Google to find various ways of filtering the information

    Note: Only fields defined in a view can be retrieved. You need to construct the view with the fields needed, if not using the default view.

    3. Using Microsoft Access as a Data Bridge

    You can retrieve data from sharepoint using Microsoft Access.

    If you are looking at a sharepoint list, click at

    Actions --> Open with Access

    Microsoft Access opens and a window "Open in Microsoft Access" appears. Select a folder and choose the option "Link to Data on the Sharepoint Site".

    Afterwards you can connect from QlikView to this access database via ODBC and you can easily read all fields of the sharepoint list with a SQL Query.

    This disadvantage of this approach is, that you'll always have to store your MS Access Database with your QlikView-Sheet. In a server environment this isn't a big problem, but with local clients loading data, this approach has got its shortcomings.