Which Formats Can I Use in Columns?

    Tables or columns from tables exported from QlikView can be presented with the same formatting as that in the QlikView document. However, sometimes you may desire to present the information in tables or columns differently. When you format  the columns of a table or individual columns from a table, you must follow the procedure in Can I apply Excel formatting to my reports?


    Keep Source Formats is active by default and if you leave it so, i.e. leave the box checked, fields maintain the formatting that has been applied in QlikView. They appear in your reports as they do in QlikView. After clearing the Keep Source Formats box you can apply Excel formatting to the table as a whole or to component columns. Both numerical and time/date data are numerical entities. When Keep Source Formats is deactivated for a column, a row presenting a new Format field for entering format code appears and you can set specific formatting for the column data. Examples are #,##0.00 or 0,00% and also € #,##0.


    The following lists the results of the various combinations of choices for the different templates.


    Deactivating Keep Source Formats without setting a format code in the Format field:


    • Excel: the Excel format is applied to the cell containing the field tag
    • Word and PowerPoint: the relative format is applied to the entity at the point of field tag embedding
    • HTML: the inline style set for the field tag container (div, span, p, th, td, li, etc.) is applied


    Deactivating Keep Source Formats and entering a format code in the Format field:


    • Excel: the code in the Format field defines the numerical or time/date format, while graphic style is controlled by the Excel format tools applied to the cell containing the field tag (color, font, size, style, justification, etc.)
    • Word and PowerPoint: both the relative format and the format field are applied to the entity or container at the point of field tag embedding
    • HTML: both the inline style set and the format field are applied for the field tag container


    Deactivating Keep Source Formats for a field used in a level:

    The time/date or numerical type of data is determined by the QlikView tag associated with the field. This can be determined by opening the QlikView document in QlikView and pressing CTRL+ALT+D, select the Tables tab, and look in the Tags column of the Fields list next to the Field name. If either $date or $timestamp, or both appear, then the field is a time/date type. These tags are associated automatically on Reload.


    Here below is the specification of the effects the elements have that are used to compose the formatting code. This code is entered into the Format field that appears after deactivating Keep Source Formats.


    Floating Point Numbers


    Time/Date page 1


    Time/Date page 2