Import Users from LDAP Directory Subfolders

    Individual or lists of recipients can be imported by NPrinting and become an integral part of an NPrinting file. Sources include text and Excel files, databases, and LDAP directories. Here is how to import from LDAP directory subfolders.

    For the purposes of this tutorial you must:

    • launch NPrinting
    • open an NPrinting file
    • know the IP address of an LDAP directory server, port number, and authentication protocol
    • have proper credentials
    • know the directory structure parameters

    Begin Defining Recipient Import Operation

    1. Select Recipients
    2. Select Recipient Imports
    3. Click on Recipient Import

    Select Import Type


    Open "Import from Directory Service" Dialog Window and Begin Entering Parameters

    1. Click on From Directory Service in the Import section of the menu bar
    2. Enter the IP address of your LDAP directory or Windows Active Directory server
    3. Enter the Port number
    4. Select the appropriate authentication protocol
    5. Put a check in the Use current user credentials box or enter the credentials you have been furnished

    Connect and Select Base Parameters

    1. Click on Connect. If all of the above parameters are correct, the Base drop-down menu will open automatically
    2. Select the appropriate Base parameter combination

    Select Path Parameter

    1. Click on the arrow at the extreme right of the Path field
    2. Select the appropriate Path parameter

    Conclude Defining Source


    Click on the Execute button


    Import Recipient(s)

    1. Click on Import
    2. Click on Save

    Recipients can be added to or eliminated from the list by using the green '+' and red '-'. When you have finished adjusting the list, click on Import  to import the recipients that you have specified. Click on Save to save this specified group of recipient import operation parameters in the Recipient Imports list.


    Save and Close


    Click on the Save and Close icon