Qlik Sense - Managing Security Rules

    In this webinar we will discuss:

    • Basic Concept and setting up security in a basic environment
    • Understanding the components of Security Rule expressions
    • Live demonstration with practical examples
    • Key Takeaways and best practice



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    Q&A - Qlik Sense - Managing Security Rules


    Q:  Is there a method to migrate current rules to a new server?

    A: There's no current process for this, no. It is something, I'm sure, that R&D is currently working on.


    Q:  Is it possible to get the license number into a custom property?

    A: It would probably be easier to make a license based rule.


    Q:  There is some best practice documents about setting up security rules ?

    A: Help.Qlik.Com has a plethora of resources.


    Q:  Is there a possibility to restrict users within a stream to different apps - Like for AppA i want users ABC & XYZ and for APP B i want users DEF & GHI with in one stream itself?

    A: For this scenario I would use Section Access.


    Q:  Is it possible to apply Security rules to specific UI components (tabs, charts, etc)?

    A: Not with Security Rules, but you can do this with Section Access.


    Q:  is it possible restrict user access by time of the day ?

    A: I've thought about this a lot, and I've come up with the answer of "probably". I've not been able to actually do this yet, but you should be able to use a custom UDC with time based values which you can use to give/prevent access based on that value.


    Q:  Can we control the number of objects that the users can create with in the app when a user is a Contributor?

    A: No. You can turn it off or on, but not control based on number.