Bar or Equalizer ! - A different Bar Chart for your viewing pleasure



    The Following blog was inspired by a recent post that allowed me to exercise my brain into trying something new

    (link to thread: Qlikview Chart)


    Below is one of the two charts to be achieved in Qlikview. This led / music equalizer style looked pretty cool so I had to try



    I finished with a chart like this. Close enough I'd say.


    You can also adjust the number of bands you wish to see on the chart, but make sure you adjust the percentage scales for background colors



    How did we achieve this chart?

    The Idea is to break each value into multiple segments and then use background expression to make only alternate segments visible.

    Simple isn't it.

    So we've basically turned a simple single dimension one expression chart into a Stacked Chart with two Dimensions and one Expression.


    Apply the same approach with Grid Charts which allow other visualization possibilities.











    These are just for your viewing pleasure, hope you enjoy playing with them as much as I did.

    Happy Qlik'in





    Vineeth Pujari