Import Nprinting Users from Active Directory automatically



    As Nprinting doesn't have an Active Directory connection it is required to import users manually through the "Import Users" interface. As referenced on the help site you can create an Excel-file to import the users.


    Attached is a PowerShell script and a Windows Task Scheduler template that allows you to automate this every day. It is based on other functions/modules in PowerShell but optimized for Nprinting.

    The PowerShell script is started through Windows Task Scheduler. It then imports the users automatically from the AD and outputs them to an Excel file, which then Nprinting can import


    You can then in Nprinting create a scheduled Import Task to import the users every day.



    • Doesn't create any proper filters
    • Creates Administrative roles for some users, based on an AD group
    • It is highly recommended to have extra admin accounts not tied to regular AD users emails, in case of errors, you do not want to lock yourself out
    • The script is modified to minimize duplicate emails and accounts - which Nprinting cannot handle







    Version 1.3 of this script, changedate 2017-12-21



    Update: 1.3, changedate 2017-12-21

    Added a second admin account

    Added 10 filters to be used for Nprinting.

    Update: 1.1, changedate 2017-09-18

    Spelling errors.