PixelPerfect Stacked Lines Chart

    Suppose that you have a Qlik straight table with the columns Year, Month and sales like the following:

    Sales by Year and month.png

    and you want to obtain a PixelPerfect chart with a line for each year and details by month like the following:

    PxP 2 dim chart.png

    Create a new PixelPerfect template (or open an existing one, as you prefer) and add the source table to the Tables node.


    Create a new PixelPerfect chart and select the type Line Stacked. Click on Next 2 times.


    Change the name of Serie 1 to 2014 and the name of Serie 2 to 2015. Click on Next.


    Select the Series Binding tab and click on 2014 (the first serie). Click on the three dots on the right of Data filter, the Data Filter Collection Editor will open. Click on Add.


    Expand the Column Name drop down menu and select the Year field to filter values of that field. In the Value form type 2014. The first serie will contain only values that satisfy this filter.


    Open the Argument drop down menu and select the Month column.

    Open the Value drop down menu and select the Sales column.


    Repeat the process for the 2015 serie. Click on Point Labels on the left column.


    Remove the visible flag for both series.


    Click on Finish, if necessary adjust the chart dimensions and run a preview.