QlikView 12 Hardware Benchmarking Package

    This document outlines all required information on how to access/execute/analyze/submit results for the QlikView 12 Hardware Benchmarking test package. The goal with the QV12 HW Benchmarking package is to have a unified QlikView specific Hardware test that can be executed for various environments with the aim to establish a matrix for comparisons on how different servers and configurations perform with QlikView. The document contains information on how to download additional files needed and where to upload the results. Only Qlikview 12 is supported.


    This package can be used for analytics on your own to perform comparisons of performance for different hardware configurations, but more important is that any test results are provided to the Scalability Center, making sure that your results becomes part of the general summary to improve coverage and statistical accuracy of the results.


    Changes for version 1.1

    • JMeter 4.0 and Java 9.0 support


    Please take the time to help out with these types of activities to establish useful guidelines about which servers to recommend (i.e. where QlikView performs well).


    QlikView documents to help analyze result and log files:Scalability Results Analyzer


    A HW benchmarking package for QlikView 11 can be found here: QlikView 11 Hardware Benchmarking Package

    For QlikSense it is included in the QlikSense Scalability Tools: Qlik Sense Scalability Tools (v3.x, all 2017, Feb-Jun 2018)

    Note that results from the QlikSense, the QV11 and the QV12 HW benchmarking package are not compareable since the tests are adapted to the different products.


    We got some reports about problems with QVScalabilityTools and QlikView Hardware Benchmarking test when used with JMeter 3.2. We recommend using JMeter 3.0 or 4.0.