Loading data from Google Sheets document via REST connector

    Recently I needed to load data from Google Sheets document. Normally I would do this using Qlik Web Connectors, but in this case I decided to use the REST API Connector. The reason was quite simple, number of sheets to be loaded was not definite and I needed to load sheets with labels matching certain naming convention. After going through struggle with OAuth authentication and refresh tokens (which is a separate topic well described here: REST CONNECTOR locate the Authorization token) I finally managed to load data from sheets. However, to my surprise, I did not get nice labels and cells, but only one long list of values looking something like this:


    So I was able to access the file and any sheet, but still needed to transform those data into tabular format. After giving it some thought I came up with a quite simple solution to this. A short sub routine which will use first few lines (those with __KEY_values=1) as column labels and will transpose all other lines to fill those columns. Here’s the result:


    You can find the sub routine in the attached file. To use it you will first need to authenticate (that’s a separate topic described in the link above), than you can get contents of any sheet simply by creating a connection to that sheet (or a dummy GET endpoint) and then calling the routine:

    Call GetSheet(SheetID, SheetName, TableName);


    This will look into Google Sheet document identified by SheetID, search for a sheet labeled SheetName and load it into a table called TableName. TableName parameter is optional, if you omit it, SheetName will be used as TableName.

    I have some plans to improve this sub routine, like checking if a sheet exists in the document etc., but I will appreciate any feedback or feature suggestions.