Quick tips #8 - Server Settings For Best Performance

    Servers running QIX engine benefit from the following settings on average:





    Note: For 4-socket solutions, having hyper-threading enabled is beneficial on average. There are, however, cases when disabling it leads to improved performance.

    Power Management (Power profile)

    Max performance (BIOS and Windows setting)

    Node Interleaving

    Enabled (meaning that NUMA is disabled)

    Note: Disabling NUMA has no significant impact on the performance as the product adapts its behavior if NUMA is enabled.

    Intel Turbo Boost


    Memory configuration

    Configured for best performance

    Note: The DIMM slots for every CPU should be populated in accordance to the hardware manufacturer’s specification for best performance.

    Hardware pre-fetch


    The names of the settings and how to tune them differ depending on the server manufacturer and model. Refer to the documentation for your server to find the equivalents of the settings listed above.


    Cheers from the Scalability Team