QlikView Management API - Getting Started and Examples


    This document is part of a series of documents that discuss how to get started with using the QlikView Management API and provides a number of examples.


    The QlikView Management API is a web service against which you can issue a range of commands to automate management activities on a QlikView environment. These activities can include the following:


    • Creating new document tasks
    • Modifying permissions
    • Viewing updating licences
    • Modifying server settings


    To use the QMS API you need to be familiar with working with web services an writing code however the examples here cover many common tasks which avoid the need for detailed coding skills. All of the examples provided in these pages are written using Visual Studio with .net and C#.  Other languages can be used and the free versions of Visual Studio can be used also.


    Getting Started


    Before you begin using the API or using the examples you need to be familiar with out to set up Visual Studio for using the APIs web service. You can find this information here:


    QlikView Management API - #1 Setting up a Visual Studio project


    In addition the official project documentation can be found here on the QlikView SDK pages here:


    QlikView Version 11 SDK




    Below are links to a number of community documents with examples of using the API for particular tasks.  All of the examples are built on top of the Getting Started project provided above but the code is easy to port to other applications.



    Coming soon

    • Creating and running Document Tasks
    • Creating document triggers
    • Applying server licenses