Qlik Sense Desktop - Loading Data from QlikView Applications (video)

    If you have QlikView in your organization, and you are considering Qlik Sense, you may have requirements to use the same data that QlikView is already accessing, transforming and indexing. Using the "Binary" statement with Sense enables you to load that already processed data and its data model from those QlikView application, (as well as other Sense apps that you may have created).


    Binary must be the first statement in the load script.


    • Binary 'lib://QVWs/FDIC - Summary of Deposits.qvw';
      - where QVWs - is the name of the Sense Folder Connection

    • Binary 'C:\QlikSense\data\qvw\FDIC - Summary of Deposits.qvw';


    This approach allows you to REUSE your existing QlikView applications as references to the data, versus copying or converting QlikView data logic (connections, script, expressions etc) over to Sense.


    Special thanks to Peter Smith (Qlik colleague) for validating this and suggesting this video.