Qlik Sense - Dimension Grouping (video)

    Sometimes it may be necessary to create a new group value consisting of existing values from your data. It may be such where it is not necessary to have this new "dimension" as part of the organizations operational data and may be perhaps temporary.


    This technique allows you to consolidate user defined values under a user defined group value that you want to use in your analysis and possibly reuse in a Sense app.


    For example, if your company is running a promotion on certain products under a particular manufacturer, you might want to group those manufacturer-like products under a single manufacturer group value to see how they compare with other manufacturers.


    • Create a new dimension in the master items in the Sense app
    • Use the following expression for that dimension:

      • if(wildmatch(PRODNAME,'*Sony*'),'Sony',

        8-11-2014 1-23-46 PM.jpg


    Watch this video and see attached files to learn more: