Qlik Sense Quick Installation Guide

    Installation of the Qlik® Sense server platform is fairly simple. This guide has been designed to get you started very quickly and assumes the installation of a single Qlik Sense node environment. A single instance will include ALL the services installed in the same system. Please refer to the Qlik Help site (https://help.qlik.com/) for detailed installation and other configuration topics. This guide assumes you have already downloaded the Qlik Sense software installation executable and have placed it in an appropriate directory.


    • Make sure any existing QlikView or older beta or Qlik Sense versions have been uninstalled first
    • Make sure ports 443 or 80 are not in use - this includes those in use by Skype
    • Be patient when services are starting after installation
    • The untrusted certificate message in the browser is normal until you change the protocol or add your own trusted cert
    • Make sure you install with an id that has local administrative rights
    • You may need to add you machine address to the Websocket origin white list setting in the proxy