Best practices for the  administrator of Qlikview server

    Some of the best practices, I employ as an admin  and would like to share it with the hope that others might benefit from it :


    1) Never copy  qvw into root folder cos it contains  pgo files ,they are like configuration  files.

    2) Everything on mounted folder.

    3) Always create task groups, this will avoid confusion when you have huge number of tasks.


    1)       Jobs/Tasks setup via the QEMC are organized and structured as followed:

    <Task Usage> : <QVW Name> - <Task Type> - <Subject Area>

    Example for a Presentation qvw: 

    Access Point:  Maintenance App – Reload - Maintenance

    Example for a Transform qvw: 

    QVD Transform:  Complaint – Reload

    Example for an Extract qvw: 

    QVD Extract: Avenue - Reload

    6) Minimize the use of input fields.

    7) Not a good practice to let the users add objects via access point ,uses up memory.

    8) Not a good practice to let users download documents ( bandwidth usage)

    9) Limit the number of records to be displayed in the table  i.e. if a table has 100k rows  then

         limit it to 1000 or something.  

    10) The share collaboration feature eats up  resources.

    11) Put all the source qvd, include files and images in source document, maintain 1 source for 1 qvw and 

    place qvw on the user document.

    12)  Before you delete a qvw,first delete all tasks associated with it and free all the document cals

    associated  with the document,else you end up losing document cals.

    13) QVS detector

    14) QVPT

    15) Latest  feature of QVS 11 enterprice edition is you no longer need to employ a qvw for extraction of

          qvds,server can perform this task.