QDF Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

    integrated development environment (IDE) and Qlik

    An integrated development environment (IDE) is a programming environment that has been packaged as an application program. The IDE may be a standalone application or may be included as part of one or more existing and compatible applications. The suggested environment in this document blends several components together into a complete development experience including version control and multi-development support.


    Development and version-control is based on Qlik Include scripts (qvs) that is reusable across multiple applications and can easily be moved between environments. The developer can create reusable sub functions and script snippets or global variables reused across several applications. Global variables can be used to store common formulas, expressions, color scheme or descriptive text. The enabler for this is Qlik Deployment Framework (QDF) and its reusable code structure. IDE development is done using an external editor, in this document Sublime text editor or Visual Studio Core. These IDE’s integrates with both QlikView and Qlik Sense that will share scripts, functions and global variables.