Activate or Reactivate QlikView NPrinting Server

    Activate or Reactivate QlikView NPrinting Server


    You can download this tutorial by clicking here: "Activate or Reactivate NPrinting Server".

    You can download, install and activate your copy of NPrinting Server or reactivate an installation that you deactivated to move to another machine after you have obtained a License key and a Control Number.

    When you install NPrinting Server, you also install an application called NPrinting Management Console. If you put a check mark in the Launch NPrinting Server box before clicking on the Finish button in the last window (see: Install NPrinting Release 14.x and Later), NPrinting Management Console will start up automatically.


    User Account Control

    Click on the Yes button in answer to the question, "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?"

    (Re)Activate NPrinting

    1. Copy your License key and Control number in the first two rows. The "Next" button will be enabled.
    2. Insert your User name and Organization on the second two rows
    3. Click on "Next"

    In case the online activation fails, NPrinting will ask you to try again or input a LEF directly.


    Enjoy Success


    Click on OK to open the NPrinting Management Console.


    Prepare to Configure NPrinting Server


    Click on the OK button or select another page in the left pane to start configuring, see: Configure Options


    Update License Information


    By clicking on Update NPrinting is forced to read again the license parameters. It's useful when something in your license change, for instance after On-Demand activation.