Creating Daywise QVDs

    Hi Qlikers,


    All of you might handling the large Fact tables load from QlikView on daily basis. When there is large Fact table, we always prefer to load the table either with Incremental load or we create day wise QVDs instead of loading the entire table again on daily basis and which is a good practice.


    Here, I have a scenario where I have large fact table and I preferred to load the table by creating day wise qvds. I have created the script which will check if QVDs are created or not for particular day. If QVD is created it will not create it again (in for loop)  else it will always create the QVDs for Today, Yesterday and 2 Days ago ( with Today I want to create the yesterday and 2 days ago QVD also as there are some modifications could be done for Yesterday or 2 Days ago data ).


    After creating all QVDs you can simply load all the QVDs in QlikView by *.qvd.


    Just thought of sharing the script which will be helpful to people who are new to QlikView.


    Below is the script highlighted



    vDate_i is the variable which is used in where condition while we load the data from source database. Here, one thing should be noted that vDate_i variable format should be same as the Date Field in Source database table, so that the where condition will not fail while loading the data from source database table.




    Please find the attached qvw file.