Makes Sense to go round in circles


    I’ve seen a lot of questions recently from people with backgrounds in Qlik View identifying some features that they use a lot in View but are currently not supported in QlikSense. 

    In this document I will show you how with the use of an extension you can mimic the behaviour of a Cyclic Group in Sense.  I've also attached a working example.

    Big thanks to View Profile: erikwett - Qlik Branch and his qsVariable extension that made this possible.  It dug me out of a hole where my clients users were asking for the same charts from different points of view.

    18/01/2016 Update

    I've an update Cyclic Group example to resolve an annoying by product of the cyclical filter example I've given in regard to the label that's displayed in the filter bar.

    Big thanks to vadimtsushko for pointing out the solution which makes filtering on this a lot easier for the user to understand.

    instead of showing the expression used to determine which value to group on in the filter bar, which is messy and confusing to the user. It now shows the value selected in the filter bar.

    02/01/2018 Update

    As of November release we now have the ability to update the labels of Dimensions and Measures dynamically as i've shown in the new sample app, before I had to hide or generalize the label which was a bit of a fudge. 

    Although you can add cyclical filters into individual charts via alternative dimensions already I still feel this is a valid soluton for those with a use case needing to display the users selection over multiple charts and sheets at once.

    Hope this makes sense.