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    How to use extensions

      dear all,


      Sorry for this basic and silly questions.

      I found in qlikview installation folder there was folder name "Extensions" with the .qar file contents. My questions are:

      1. What is that exactly? is it an additional chart object that i can use in QVW?

      2. How to use that .qar file?

      3. How to build/create .qar?

      4. Is there any manual/tutorial for this?


      Thank you..

        • How to use extensions



          Hope this answers your questions


          1. With extensions you can create custom charts written in javascript, flash or vb. Once integrated this visualizations can take advantage of QV's capabilities.

          2. The .qar files can be used by double clicking them, by doing this you will install them and be able to see them while in web view.

          3. The .qar file is like a Qlikview zip that has all of the information needed to display the extension (script, definition, icon, properties and/or external files)

          4. If you go to the qlikview page, click on find training and search for extensions, there's very  helpful information there.


          Best regards,

          • How to use extensions
            Dan English

            Also, you should know that in QlikView 10 double clicking an extension will install the extension for use by QlikView Desktop, but if you want to use the extension in a document opened via QVS you must install the extension manually.


            Here is the complete listing of directories the extensions get stored in (by operating system):


            • Windows 7 & Server 2008
                ○ Desktop
                ○ Server

            • Windows XP & Server 2003
                ○ Desktop
                    C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Local Settings\Application Data\QlikTech\QlikView\Extensions\Objects
                ○ Server
                    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\QlikViewServer\Extensions\Objects

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              Hello all,


              Sorry for the naive question. But I was wondering if the .qar created is for specific type of display or can i reuse it for a different application. What i mean is, if i need to develop a seperate report, must i create a seperate .qar. Thanks in advance for your kind reply.