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    RE: ODAG Help

    Chanty 4u

      Hi All,

      Mahitha M  did you found solution?

      Milan Desai

      Did anyone worked for On demand App  generation for qliksense?


      if yes please share the sample documents or sample apps along with extensions?.



      What i worked so far: 

      Downloaded : App on demand extension.

      imported to server.

      then created new app

      created stream and created security rule for that  --app is geenrating but data is not filtering.


      where i am doing wrong?

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          Chanty 4u

          Hi omar bensalem  do you have any idea on this? if yes please share some inputs

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              Michalina McAllister



              Funny you've mentioned ODAG as that's what we have been working on right now - it is working perfectly fine for us, HOWEVER we are on version September 2017, patch 3 where ODAG is now a build-in functionality (which you simply have to enable in QMC). If upgrade is a valid option for you - maybe worth giving it a try as it could simplify some of your use cases and also is Qlik supported feature (opposite to the extension which is always a big plus!).


              Generated app is filtering the data correctly, but we followed slightly different approach on building the binding expression - instead of the long subroutine recommend by Qlik and available in sample apps (files: ODAG Sample Detail & ODAG Sample Selection available in C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Examples\OnDemandApp\sample), we decided to replace it with a list of selected items, as per below article: https://extendingqlik.upper88.com/qlik-sense-on-demand-apps/ . This works much faster for us.


              Unfortunately - I don't have any ODAG related knowledge applicable to previous versions of Sense where you had to execute this as an extension. But maybe this will help at least a little.


              good luck!


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                  Sahadeva Reddy Rachakada

                  Hello, can someone please suggest in my case below. My data source is a Rest API and I would like to build an on-demand app that makes Rest API call on the fly and renders the app along with data. This is my first phase of the problem statement.


                  Second phase, our data provider(Rest API service) applies user specific data entitlements within the service and returns the subset of data that the requested user is entitled to see. i.e., I should be able to make this request by using the user specific PID/account instead of the system account.


                  Please suggest if I can build a ODA on Rest API(my phase 1 above) and extend this to cater my phase 2 above.