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    Set Analysis Help

      I have a daily observations of active accounts (activeacnts). I would like to do two things with them.

      1. Put activeacnts today in  Text box

      2. Plot active accounts on the last day of each month in a line chart.

      I tried to use set analysis to accomplish this but I cant seem to understand the formatting requirements. e.g. For today's activeacnts I did this

      Sum({$<Date= {'=Date(Today())'}>}activeacnts)

      It gives me sum of all the active accounts instead of active accounts Today. if I write

      Sum({$<Date= {'8/2/2012'}>}activeacnts)

      Then I get correct answer.

      Similarly when i create Expression to plot monthend active accounts I get weird numbers on the line chart. I am not able to understand what's going wrong.