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      can any body tell me where we have to use these three in application and performance wise which is better.

      things can be done with OLEDB can t be done with ODBC same as compare relatively.



      Mahesh Thalluri

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          Hi Mahesh,


          At Qlikview we can use both ODBC or OLEDB, basically the ODBC driver DataSources are used to OLEDB drivers to access Data. Also OLEDB can access XML Files, Directory services and Exchange Servers too.




          In terms of performance, any database layer will increase access time at least 40% in comparative with native access.


          At Qlikview  we made a two or three steps architecture to gain performance. Just Like any ETL  process, extract all the data from your database and store it in QVD files, after that, Transform the data from QVD to your application. Qlikview QVD files are extremmally optimized to gain performance,


          Hope this helps

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              Thank u.But  I have tested on XML file it is working wiith ODBC driver

              too.can u please test and let me know if any thing is there .


              Mahesh T



              On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 6:08 PM, João Dias de Carvalho Neto <

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                  Basically any vendor can improve your ODBC drivers to get all native database features (Including XML Access); The OLEDB it´s a Microsoft product that promises initially XML and Microsoft data API´s integration. ODBC is initially developed by Microsoft to be an Open patterns. Currently the ODBC specifications are in 3.8 and for unknown business ways Microsoft support the both layers (ODBC and OLEDB) .


                  I think that the OLDEB objective is to be 100% compatible with any Microsoft data connectors and to keeps ODBC specs as an universal pattern

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                      Your answer is really interessting. Actually, I'm trying to load data from my exchange server public folder into QV. My issue is that I can't find the good ole driver proveir. I only have those choice:



                      Where could I find the goog OLE driver? And should I filled the field to be able to access my public folfer?


                      Thanks a lot for your answer, it will help me a lot.



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                          Hi Laurent,


                          You can take a look at msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms191461(SQL.90).aspx


                          Maybe this OLEDB drive can works for you,



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                            Dave Riley

                            You might be able to use Jet OLEDB driver to access Mailboxes. This works for me client-side.



                            Let Provider = 'Microsoft.JET.OLEDB.4.0;Exchange 4.0';
                            Let MAPILEVEL = '{name of mailbox}|'; // Note pipe symbol at end of Mailbox name
                            //Let PROFILE = 'Default';
                            Let PROFILE = 'Outlook';
                            Let TABLETYPE = '0';
                            Let DATABASE = 'C:\Documents and Settings\{user}\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook';// Path may be different

                            Let conn

                            = '[Provider=$(Provider);MAPILEVEL=$(MAPILEVEL);PROFILE=$(PROFILE);TABLETYPE=$(TABLETYPE);DATABASE=$(DATABASE);Persist Security];';

                            qualify *;
                            OLEDB CONNECT to $(conn);

                            OLEDB CONNECT to $(conn);
                            Select top 10 * from Inbox;



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                      Hello everyone,

                      Can anyone tell the step by step procedure for connecting qlikview with Oracle 10g.Also tell me what are all the things (like driver )should need to intall on system for data connetivity? My data is in the format of .dmp file.How to retrive the such data?