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    Integer to date



      I have a question regarding the changing of integer to date.

      From the database I have integers, but I can not get the right date out of it.

      I've read quite a few posts already, but none helped me solve my issue.


      Two examples from my database and value in Qlikview:



      in database and wanted date in Qlikview: 08-02-2014 10:35:32

      integer in Qlikview: 1391852132



      in database and wanted date in Qlikview: 01-07-2011 11:41:46

      integer in Qlikview: 1309513306


      I would like help or a blogpost to help me solve this issue.

      I do not need the time, but I might be helpful to understand why the integer returns this value

      Thank you in advance.


      Kind regards,