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    Two Date Filters with Always One Selected Value?

    Kristina Stephenson

      Hi All,


      I have a dashboard with a multi-box of rolling years. I have set this up so that the user can only select one rolling year at a time, using the Always One Selected Value option. Now, I would like to add another multi-box with quick date filters set to "Most Recent Rolling Year", "Earliest Rolling Year", etc.. I've added in the Quick Date Filters multi-box into the dashboard but have noticed that because I have Always One Selected Value selected for my rolling year field, that I am unable to make selections in my Quick Date Filters multi-box (i.e. if I would like to go from viewing the most recent rolling year to the earliest rolling year using Quick Date Filters instead of scrolling through my rolling year multi-box, I am unable to do this). Is there any way to enable this, so that I can make selections in either the rolling year multi-box or the summarized Quick Date Filters multi-box and have the other one update accordingly?