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How do you plan to utilise Qlik Alerting?

We have identified hundreds of use cases for the Qlik Alerting capabilities for data-driven alerts to proactively monitor data and respond quickly when issues arise.  Here are some examples in working with our existing customers and partners.


  • Payment Receipt Confirmation - Be alerted when a key client has paid allowing you to release a rush order…
  • Top 10% of Aged Invoices - Identifying aged invoices in the top 10% of invoice values to flag high risk amounts for follow up.
  • Accounts Payable Process Cost - Optimise your Accounts Payable by being alerted when DPO variance falls outside the company’s cash management goals.


  • Increase Forecast Accuracy - Increase the accuracy of sales forecasts by being notified when sales commits drop by x%
  • Comparatively Identify low performing sales reps - Identify when sales reps are performing lower than peers and resolve issues sooner and ensuring greater chance of target achievement
  • Notify Key Team Members of Opportunity Status Changes - Keep key team members informed when opportunities progress through certain stages of the sales cycle. i.e. industry specialists.

Supply Chain

  • Inventory management - Get notified immediately when inventory is below safety level to avoid non in-full deliveries
  • Unscheduled downtime - Prevent manufacturing downtime by being alerted when assembly or testing falls behind schedule, allowing you to investigate root cause sooner
  • Overstocked Items - Identify overstocked items to include in markdown offers


  • Vendor Performance - Mitigate supply risks early by being alerted when vendor performance drops, allowing you to find an alternative, reliable supplier
  • Uncontrolled purchases - Avoid ‘dark purchasing’ revenue loss by receiving a notification when staff expenses are claimed for uncontrolled purchases, allowing you to organise the of return the item(s) and reinforce your procurement policy
  • Lead time management - Shorten lead times by ensuring the right people are notified at each step of the procurement process, from quote receipt through to payment authorisation

Customer Service

  • Customer satisfaction / NPS Score - Preserve your NPS/Customer Satisfaction scores by being alerted when it dips so you can act fast on emerging patterns
  • Key account support ticket overdue - Avoid SLA breaches and shorten the resolution time by ensuring the correct personnel are notified at each ticket stage and when they become overdue
  • Key account support ticket overdue - Take immediate action when a complaint arises to ensure a quick resolution and the best outcome for the customer

Human Resources

  • Absence rate - Investigate absence and call for cover if a member of staff hasn’t clocked on, ensuring your organisation is always supported
  • Employee satisfaction index - Maintain a happy working environment by responding sooner to a drop in your organisation’s employee satisfaction index
  • Carbon footprint - Guarantee that your organisation is playing its part in protecting the environment by receiving alerts when there are spikes in your usage of paper and electricity

How do you plan to leverage the new Qlik Alerting capabilities?  Please share any potential use cases you are evaluating and we will confirm back on whether or not the new offering is able to support your needs.

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