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Contributor II
Contributor II

2 Tabbed Container didn't work side by side

Hi all,

I tried to use two tabbed container in our app with 5 different graphs in each container. But when I try to click on any tab in one container, other one shows no graph. I hope you got my point.

briefly, if i click on tab1 of container 1 and simultaneously want to tab2 of container 2 and soon i click on tab2 of container 2, tab1 of container 1 will disappear.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hello Arvind,

I think , i don't really understand what do you want! Container 1 and 2 are two distincts objects, so what do you meaning by "simultaneous selection"? Or you have imbricated your two container? Please, attach some screenshots!


Excuse my english, i'm french!
Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks for your response,
There is no connection between two containers. I am showing seperate graphs on both the containers. It is just that when i click on any tab of one container, eventually graphs of other container disappear; vice versa.