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Contributor II
Contributor II

Add last 12 months

Good afternoon, I need help with something, a while ago in the sense of a desk for the cats of the last 12 months. In other words, if I check
December 2018 = I must obtain the expenses from December 2017 until November 2018.
January 2019 = I must obtain expenses from January 2018 to December 2018 and so on every month.

Now I need help with something, I think it's a bit more complex, I need to add a condition for the calculation, let's say in January I had 9 different expenses, in February I had the same 9 expenses and 23 new expenses, in February the same ones mentioned above and 10 New expenses and so on.
What I need is to calculate the expenses of the last 12 months as long as the expenses have been made 12 or more times.

I add an excel file where I have
YEAR and MONTH in which the expenditure is made for the first time
YEAR and MONTH in which the expense was repeated.
DATE_REPETITION, is the column where the year and the month of repetition of spending is concatenated.
QUANTITY_MESES, is where I can see the amount of times the expense has been repeated.

As an example of what I should do, I put these two additional columns: where you see the formula of the bristles that add up.

Value that brings out common sense, is the value that shows me when making this formula:
Sum ({<N_YEAR, MONTH_RECUPERATION =, dateb = {"> = $ (= date (addmonths (max (dateb), - 12), 'YYYY-MM-DD')) <$ (= date (max (dateb) , 'YYYY-MM-DD')) "}>} If (CANT_MESES> = 12, RECOVERED))

Value that you should take out.

I hope to help me, because it is trying for several days to solve it.
I thank you all
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