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Creator III
Creator III

Alternate states- with conditional choosing

Hi guys,

I have a question about alternate state. I made to alternate states because comparation of two columns.

This 2 columns have data that depend on date.

Because of that I made 2 filters:

Date 1  and Date 2

Date 1 is about column1  and date 2 is about column 2.

Third column must be column1-column2. And it should be that is date 1 younger than date 2.

So, what I want. I want if someone choose 5.7.2019 from date 1, he cannot choose date 2 younger than 5.7.2019 (he cannot choose 6.7., 7.7., 8.7., 9.7, 10.7.)


How can I make it?


Thanks a lot




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