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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Associating / Mapping Fields to Values using reference code list

Hi community,

I have a question about using mapping tables to create a data model to capture survey data. 

I'm working with 3 Excel files (examples below and excel doc attached). Basically I need to use these data and mappings to produce a chart that allows me to see the survey data with the text for both the question and answers by person/respondent and aggregate  the results by question.

I've done a lot of reading on mappings and have tried transposing the tables to have the columns match but I can't figure out how to actually link all 3 tables. The result file is giving me issues. Any help is GREATLY appreciated


1. Questions in survey with 2 columns Question_ID and Question_Text:


1AAre you interested in receiving information on the following topics?
1A1Alcohol and other drug use
1A2Cold/Flu/Sore throat
1A4Eating disorders
1A6Injury prevention
1A8Physical activity
2On how many of the past 7 days did you get enough sleep so that you felt rested when you woke up in the morning?
3What is your status?
4A1Have you ever:
4A2Felt things were hopeless
4A3Felt overwhelmed by all you had to do
4A4Felt exhausted (not from physical activity)
4A5Felt very lonely
4A6Felt very sad

2. Response Options with 3 columns -Question ID, Response Code, Response Text:


210 days
221 day
232 days
243 days
254 days
265 days
276 days
287 days
41No, never
42No, not in the last 12 months
43Yes, in the last 2 weeks
44Yes, in the last 30 days
45Yes, in the last 12 months

3. Response Options with 3 columns -Question ID, Response Code, Response Text:

Example of 15 survey responses (1 row per survey)


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