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Creator II
Creator II

Auto completion QVD fields


i am working a lot with QVD files.
When i load them in the script i don't always have the field names of the QVD in my head which is very annoying
since i have to separately check the generating script for that QVD in order the find the needed field names.

Isnt there an auto completion available to access the field names of QVD?


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I assume you mean not the origin load-statement because then you could just use the table-wizard to see which fields are there and therefore I think the answer is no.

Beside looking within the generating script you may also open the qvd within another application or within a third-party-tool like eye or qviewer.

By using Sense it should be possible to provide this information with an extension or api because the table/field-information of a qvd are stored within their meta-data. But I don't know if anyone has tried this before.

- Marcus