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Contributor III
Contributor III

Avg Bar chart on drill down of Year-Month-Day

Hi Team,

I have to show 4 different drill down(Year-Month-Day(YMD)) bar chart,  all contains Different dimension ..

4 Bar Chart Dimension:

1.Party Created YMD      2.Party Updated YMD        3.Grp Crtd YMD            4.GrpUptd YMD 

Measure is simple:  count(ID) or Count(OrderID)

Party is one table and Grp is second table

Now to show the avg for each chart what rules should i follow..

Earlier, I  Have added one Master calendar that i joined with Party Updated Date  but now for 3 more charts , what should i do....4 different master cal. and that i have to join with each table?

Without master Cal , can i complete the task ?? With Aggr or Set Analysis??


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