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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

BBQ Competition App - Help

Good Evening,

I am part of a competitive BBQ team, and recently started trying to build an app to analyze our previous seasons, as well as prepare for capturing new data for competitions.  I think I may have over-wrought the dataset, and I need some help with the loader and linking.  We have several tables to link and analyze:

Competition Data (key is Comp ID) - this is the basic time/date/location info

Equipment Table (Equip ID) - just assigns equipment Name to Meat Entries and Equipment temperature reading Entries

Events (event ID) - assigns an event name to scores and meat entries

Turn in Times  (Comp ID and Equip ID) - assigns comp/event specific turn-in time

Meat Data (Entry ID) - captures weight of entry, meat type, and where it is cooked

Meat Milestones - (Entry ID) - captures the specific milestone times for each entry

Meat Temp (Entry ID) - captures periodic temperature readings with timestamp

Cooker Temp (Comp ID/Equip ID) - captures periodic cooker temperature readings

Weather Data (comp ID) - captures weather data with timestamps

Comp Results (Comp ID) - captures scores from all teams

I am having trouble with the date aspect of the app.  when I used the auto loader, the dates worked as autodates, but I had a few mods to add in the loader (a canonical date of 'Timeline').  once I modded the loader, the autodates stopped working and broke my visuals.  any help with dates would be appreciated.  I have attached the app for review.  Feel free to ridicule and offer correction on my loader scripting, I am terrible at that part. Also feel free to reach out for questions on the data. Thanks!!

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