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Background Color Pivot Table in Saas


I have an issue with the Background color in a Pivot Table in Saas  and cannot figure out if its a bug or not.

Im using WeekDay as my first dimension and YearWeek as second. Measure is Sum of Sales 4 weeks back, see attachment.
I only want to color the Total row on my first dimension WeekDay so i use the following if-statement:

if((rowno()=0 and ColumnNo()<>0 and

Sum({1<Currency = {'$(=Currency)'}, $(vIgnoreDateSelections), Key_Date = {">=$(=WeekStart (Date(Today () - 21)))<=$(=Today ())"}>}Sales) > x, etc

This works as long as Im have field Year selected to current year. As soon as i change field Year to anything else will get the background colored for RowNo() = 0 and ColumnNo = 0.

Is it wrong of me to assume that the Totals RowNo() and ColumnNo() is always 0? 

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