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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Basket Anlyse with more then 3 article

I would like to create a dashboard for a Basket-Analyse.

I've been looking in the Community and the only thing I found is this solution.

I would like to use the second solution. The only thin is that I don't know how much articles there are. (We've tickets with 39 articles on.)

We would like to choose max 3 articles and then show all the solutions in one row seperated by a Comma.

Who can help me toc edit the script so I can read more then 3 articles?




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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

Hi Kris,

The article by Radovan that you quoted describes a beautiful solution for various forms of basket analysis, however I have to admit, it's not very scalable for larger numbers of products, because it involves extra scripting, additional fields, and at times a lot of extra memory space, to store all of these concatenated strings.

I tried to come up with a more universal way of providing an "END" selection - when a number of products is selected, show me those customers that ordered all of the selected products. I arrived at this formula, and it appears to work for my scenario:

count(distinct {<Customer={"=count(distinct total Product)= count(distinct Product)"}>} Customer)

In a nutshell, it says "the total number of (possible) Products is the same as the number of (possible) Products per Customer. So, if you selected 10 products, this formula will count 1 for those clients that ordered all 10 of the selected products.

If this is working for your needs, then you don't need any extra scripting, just adopt this formula for your particular scenario.

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