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Contributor III
Contributor III

Best data model for finite states date transitions

Hello, I would like to visualize the number of documents in a particular state by date.

My documents have daily changes to their states and I have a log table with the start date & end date (null if this is the current state).
The table structure is this:

fileIdstatestart dateend date
1000-1STARTDATE01/01/2020 08:29
1000001/01/2020 08:2903/01/2020 12:15
1000103/01/2020 12:1506/01/2020 14:17
1000206/01/2020 14:1707/01/2020 10:44
1000307/01/2020 10:44NULL
2000-1STARTDATE01/01/2020 11:07
2000001/01/2020 11:0702/01/2020 17:13
2000102/01/2020 17:1304/01/2020 14:17
2000204/01/2020 14:1705/01/2020 10:44
2000305/01/2020 10:44NULL


I would like to write a measure that counts all the files that were in a particular state, for each date value.
I will filter state=1 (for example) and I would like a chart which shows the number of files in state 1 at 01/01/2020, 02/01/2020, ... and so on. I need to visualize the time trend of the various states.

Can I write a measure or it's better to calculate the scalar product of document states and calendar dates ?

In SQL I would join calendar table with document state table ON calendar.date between documentState.startDate AND ISNULL(documentState.endDate, GETDATE()). 

Can you help ?



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