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Binary load of Qlik Monitoring Apps


I want to know if Binary load of Qlik Monitoring Apps is possible or not?

As we are not given access to those Apps by our admin, want to create an app which serve my purpose 


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BINARY loading is supported in Qlik Sense on Windows, the trick is ... do you have access to the app through a folder connection?  Also, all apps in qlik sense are centrally stored in a single folder and its not generally advisable to binary load from that same folder because its a 'system' folder. You can make a copy of the app, place it in another folder, make a folder connection to the new folder, and binary load from there, but then the app will have dated information.  

Its difficult to recommend a more dynamic solution that doesn't cause I/O issues. 

It may be best to just copy the load script into a brand new app. 

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Contributor III

It depends on which monitoring apps you want to use and if they want to give you the access. It would be a bit of work but the admin would need to create a duplicate of the monitoring app and just apply a binary load in the script with section access to filter for the specific stream/apps you want to see. They would also need to drop whatever front end objects and back end tables/fields they don't want you to have access too.