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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Change color of measure based on condition with multiple measures


Can we change the color of a measure if we have multiple measures, based on a condition?


1 dimension Country

2 measures (Sales and Cost)


I want to color sales green or red depending on a condition and cost orange)

if I would have getobjectfield='Sales' that would work, but it does not seem to work for color expressions.

Can someone help if that is even possible?


Kind Regards,




2 Replies

Can you try to explain with sample data set, We will look into it?

Are you even fine to use extensions?

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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

it seems like you want to highlight the cells for a measure field? You can do that by going into the left hand side and setting up a color by expression, measure, etc. If you want to color coordinate values within a measure based on a condition, you will probably do that configuration under the field you want to adjust by adding a conditional format like -->

if ([SALES] > 1000, red(), green()) - This will highlight cells red if sales are greater than 1000 and green vice versa.

Hope this helps.