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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Color Pie chart

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with pie chart color  and the property : Color (by Expression)

I have my Dimension:


if(round([BLN.Finish_Date]-[BLN.Start_Date])=round([PRJ.Finish_Date]-[PRJ.Start_Date]) and date([BLN.Start_Date],'DD/MM/YYYY')<>date([PRJ.Start_Date],'DD/MM/YYYY'),'Décalage', if(round([BLN.Finish_Date]-[BLN.Start_Date])<>round([PRJ.Finish_Date]-[PRJ.Start_Date]),'En retard'))
,'Planning respecté')


My measure: (who count the number of project)

=count( {<[PRJ.Statut]={'Non commencé', 'En cours'}>} [PRJ.ID])


In ther property Color: by Expression

I put exactly the same formula as my dimension but with rgb color codes.


if(round([BLN.Finish_Date]-[BLN.Start_Date])=round([PRJ.Finish_Date]-[PRJ.Start_Date]) and date([BLN.Start_Date],'DD/MM/YYYY')<>date([PRJ.Start_Date],'DD/MM/YYYY'), RGB(255, 255, 0),
,RGB(70, 198, 70))


but it seems my expression doesn't work.


Can you help me please?

Thank you

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