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Contributor III
Contributor III

Insights Advisor and Natural Language Query Capabilities

We are working with the Insights Advisor on Qliksense Nov2019, and being able to use Natural Language Queries to generate visualizations seems like a really great feature. However, it is not behaving like I am expecting, as per the Natural Language Queries features.pdf document attached.. Can you guys help me out? Below are some issues I am running into.

Query: "show maximum [Value] by [Dimension]"

  • Shouldn't it return visualizations with max([Value]) as the expression? Because for some odd reason it is returning visualizations with expression min(([Value])… 

Query "show total [Value] for [Dimension]=1"

  • Shouldn't it return visualizations with the Dimension filtered as 1 or have set analysis sum( {<Dimension={1}>} [Value])? Because right now it is not doing any filtering whatsoever.

Query "Show total [Value] by [Dimension] where [Value]<10 and Dimension =1 "

  • Is filtering my Measure possible? This seems quite advanced but if it works that would be amazing.

I would appreciate any help whatsoever. I also want to mention we want to avoid Master Expressions for now because say for a specific Measure, for 5 different aggregations (sum, min, max, avg, count) and time dimensions (by specific Years, Months, MonthYears, Quarters) this would force us to create way too many Master Expressions to account for each scenario.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

This was due to us using version Nov 2019. We have upgraded to the latest Sept 2020 and the Insights Advisor is working as expected.