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Creator III
Creator III

Color is missing in properties panel for d3 library virtualization

I can see the color properties panel for the default installed bar charts, pie charts shown in Figure 1.

color qlik.JPG

Figure 1: Color panel

  1. However, after installing and using d3 library virtualization extension. Apparently, I am unable to customize color as the properties panel is missing. Please refer to Figure 2.

no color qlik.JPG

Figure 2: Color panel is missing.

2 Replies
Specialist II
Specialist II

This extension does not have option to set the colors, may be you can try working on the JS files of this extension to get custom color.

Creator III
Creator III

Any example to customize color in JS files? I am new to JS files and not good in coding. If you can provide some sample, I could customize and include into JS file would be great.