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Contributor III
Contributor III

Color(n) function in QlikSense

Does anyone have an inkling on how does Color(n) function in QlikSense actually work?

The documentation says it returns "color representation of color number n in the chart palette shown in the chart properties". However, I have no idea what is that "chart palette shown in the chart properties". I have set various palettes in the color by dimension / color by expression options, and Color(n) does not seem to care about any of them.

Actual colors returned by this function appear to come from default QlikView color palette:


What I want to know, is how to customize the palette referred by Color(n) in QlikSense - where in the chart properties it is, or if I can customize it via a custom theme, anything really.

Maybe the function was left in QlikSense purely for legacy reasons for people who really dig the default QlikView color palette, but then the documentation is clearly wrong (seems to be just carried over from QlikView documentation without any changes)

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