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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Color(n) function showing incorrect colors / Is there a function to get theme palette colors ?


We've come across a possible bug while playing around with custom themes, where we hoped to use Color(n) function to get certain colors from the custom palette set in a custom theme. The function Color(n) does not use colors from the custom theme or any other theme or pallete in fact.

On the Qlik website it describes the function as:

"Color() is used in expressions to return the color representation of color number n in the chart palette shown in the chart properties..."

So I'm asuming this could be a bug, or a forgotten function from QlikView.

The colors which you can get out of the function seem to match default colors from QlikView. In the screenshot we've put colors from QS Classic theme, QS Color(n) function and QV Default colors next to eachother to compare.


It would be very useful to have the fuction to react to the theme palette colors, is there anyother way to get colors out of the palette via function / expression?


Adrián Molnár

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