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Coloring one in every two rows in a table ?

Hello everyone,

I'm currently experiencing difficulties to achieve what I first thought would be easily done using Qlik Sense Desktop:

coloring one in every two lines in a table.

To give more details, I have a pivot chart with two dimensions for rows (sellers and product), one dimension for column (month) and one mesure which is the usual =sum(amount).

It works great, but I've been asked to color one in every two rows in the table so that it would be easier to follow a row (eventhought I expect the problem to be the same for columns).

I tried different cell color expressions, particularly =if(Even(NoRow()), rgb(0,0,0), rgb(255,255,255)) with and without TOTAL in NoRow, but the main problem is that I have "Null" values (not 0: no data:  - ) which disorders the NoRow() function.

I also tried allowing zeros values but it doesn't do anything, and the IsNull(sum(amount)) does not seem to return anything useful (that is to say, having the mesure be =if(IsNull(sum(amount)), 0, sum(Amount)) does not change anything either).

Hopefully you guys have an idea of how to do that but to use an expression such as if(seller1, color1, if(seller2, color2, .... )) which is in my opinion awfully unreusable and force to have the table not to change when creating a particular selection of sellers...

Note that as I said I have a sub-selection for the line so it would be great if the coloration could adapt to showing/hidding that sub-category, but I will be glad if it works for the main category at least.

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