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Contributor III
Contributor III

Comparing Weeks Across Years

Hi Qlik Community -

I am working on a project to compare metrics at a weekly level across multiple years.  We are in a business that has a predicable rhythm throughout the week, so its very important I am comparing similar 7 day periods. The problem I am running into is that week 14 of the current year has a different date range of week 14 of the prior year.  Example:

  • week 14 of current year could be Monday - Sunday
  • week 14 of prior year could be Tuesday  - Monday

So comparing week 14 from current year and prior year is not comparing similar periods and I could easily draw incorrect conclusions. 

How do I control for this to ensure I am comparing similar 7 days period across years?  I assume its something in the master calendar but other than that I am lost.

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