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Contributor III
Contributor III

Conditional Formatting Not Working

Good evening!

I have the below dimension, that works great at outputting the desired text into the field. I should just be able to copy the same code into the Conditional Color background field, and replace the text with the color (Red(), Green()). But for some reason it's only working on some of the fields....Can anyone help me with my below code and tell me where it's wrong?

It's only coloring some of the fields, but outputting the right text

Thank you!!





//If(Checkbox = 'Y' and No quotes are expired 'Release Checkbox' (Red)
IF([CheckBox.Price_Boolean] = 'Y' and
Aggr(Min([VRFQ.EXPIRATION_DATE]),[CO.CUSTOMER_ID],[COL.LINE_NO]) >today(), 'Release Checkbox',

//If(Checkbox = 'Y' and quotes ARE expired, 'Update Quote' (Red),
IF([CheckBox.Price_Boolean] = 'Y' and
Aggr(Min([VRFQ.EXPIRATION_DATE]),[CO.CUSTOMER_ID],[COL.LINE_NO]) <=today(), 'Update Quote',

//If(Checkbox = 'N' and quotes are expired then 'Check Price box in Visual' (Red)
IF(([CheckBox.Price_Boolean] = 'N' or isnull([CheckBox.Price_Boolean]) )and
Aggr(Min([VRFQ.EXPIRATION_DATE]),[CO.CUSTOMER_ID],[COL.LINE_NO]) <=today(), 'Check Box in Visual',

//If checkbox = 'N' and no quotes are expired 'Pricing OK' (Green)
IF(([CheckBox.Price_Boolean] = 'N' or isnull([CheckBox.Price_Boolean]) ) and
Aggr(Min([VRFQ.EXPIRATION_DATE]),[CO.CUSTOMER_ID],[COL.LINE_NO]) > today(), 'Pricing OK'))

//Aggr(Min([VRFQ.EXPIRATION_DATE]),[CO.CUSTOMER_ID],[COL.LINE_NO]) <=today(),'Issue',

//and [CheckBox.Price_Boolean] = 'Y',
//'Release Checkbox',

//and [CheckBox.Price_Boolean] = 'Y', 'Fix Material Quotes')



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