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Creator II
Creator II

Convert scripted variables to Master Items (QlikView to QlikSense)

I am migrating a QlikView app to QlikSense.   I store all my variable calcs in an excel file, and then in the in Qlik script load for the QVW Application UI, I load them in a for loop.  Works great.  I am reading about Master Items, which look to me to be the holy grail of Sense, for lack of a better term. 

Is there any way to grammatically convert my variable definitions to Master Items?  Otherwise, I will have to create Master Items one by one.  Some of my QlikView apps have hundreds of variables.

Also, if there is a better forum for this type of question, let me know.




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Have you tried the converter in the DevHub ?

Creator II
Creator II

I was told that does not convert variables to Master Items - would be great if it did.