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Contributor II
Contributor II

Crimea is not a part of Russia


with big surprise and frustration I found out that your Map Chart shows Crimea peninsula as a part of Russia.

I understand that you use OpenStreatMap as a source for this object.

The questions are:

1) What was you communication with the OSM managing organs to resolve this issue?

2) How much time did you spend to find a technical solution from your side to avoid this issue?

Map Chart.PNG

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Contributor III
Contributor III

I want to highlight that due to Ukrainian and EU laws you should respect Ukrainian and any other country borders.

I'm not a lawyer, but theoretically it is an offense and should be fixed.

"It's not us, it is OSM" could not been an excuse, since users using your product paying money to you


I believe it'd not be an issue for the Qlik team to find some workaround.

For example, shows the peninsula for both countries. Which, for me, is also not the best idea. But at least they did something, comparing with Qlik