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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Currency Selection feature in QlikView


Our team has developed a QlikView application for banks offering multiple dashboards, there we have a feature of currency change, this way using the button with currency translation functions, we can quickly change from dollar to euro etc in "real time". For each calculation the expression contained several "IF"s for each currency, so when we selected the button, the values were accordingly changing.  

Now we want to adapt the app for QlikSense, so maybe anyone has ever done this before and if yes - how. We have tried to use variables and same "IF"s but that doesn't seem to be right solution. Does anyone have an idea, would be glad to hear from you,

thank you.  

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi Zhanike,

I think it can be done with the following extension and variable, as you mentioned.

Qlik Branch

If not works, then try with variable, that defined at GUI.

What was the pitfalls, that block the adaption?

you can use the variable to count the result by currency

=[field] * $(currency_rate)


Master II
Master II

Wht is your If condition?

Do have currencies stored in a table or you hard coding it in front end?